Covid-19 Health & Safety Information

We have been working closely with our studios & teachers to make sure we are following all health & safety guidelines & procedures to keep classes running for our members while assuring things are as safe as possible. Every precaution is being taken.

– Firstly, nobody should attend any class if they feel unwell. If anyone turns up & we believe you to be unwell we will refuse you entry to the class/studios.
– Your name & contact details will be held for 21 days from the class date, for the NHS Track & Trace scheme. If within this time the NHS finds there’s been an outbreak you may be contacted. After 21 days this information will be destroyed.
– Everyone should bring their own water, there are no shared water fountain at the moment.
– You should arrive changed & ready for class.
– You should wear a mask when entering the building & in any communal areas. The wearing of masks is optional in the studio & during the class.
– You should immediately sanitise your hands upon entering the studios.
– You may wish to wear gloves in the building & during class.
– You may want a towel (Covid-19 does not pass via sweat, but you want to limit touching your face, so use a towel to wipe sweat & not your hands).
– For Dance classes, there will be grids on the floor, you must try to stay within your allocated space for the whole session & pay attention to spacial awareness.
– For Choir sessions, every member will have their own booth that they must stay in for the whole session, you will be required to purchase a detachable window for your booth that you may take home & bring to each session.
– When talking to anyone you should not face them directly.

Specific studios information regarding Covid-19 related Health & Safety Policies:
Husky Studios Information

If there’s any specific worries or concerns please do get in contact.